Image Rhino.Inside.Revit ‘bridges the gap between Rhino’s freeform modelling and the world of BIM’

Image Project Lavina finally comes to fruition as Chaos Group broadens its portfolio with new fully interactive design viz tool

Image Enables as-built 3D reality data to be stored on company’s private server or cloud infrastructure

Image New ‘Lists’ feature uses flexible pivot grids where fields can be dragged and dropped across filters, columns, rows and values

Image 3D Repo’s cloud-based platform for BIM data at heart of SafetiBase 4D system used by Balfour Beatty Vinci (BBV)

Image How architects can use the CAD tools they love in combination with fast real-time rendering tools like Unreal Engine and Twinmotion [sponsored content]

Image Innovate UK funded project to help drive down industry carbon emissions and meet Government’s green targets

Image London-based firm looks to simplify 3D printing process by eliminating the need for arduous remodelling

Image Vectorworks explores the current licensing structure for its global design products [sponsored content]

Image Cloud-based BIM projects can be connected to Unity’s real-time, immersive collaboration platform across VR, AR, XR, web & mobile

Image AR/VR-focused collaborative design tool for architecture edges closer to official launch

Image Collaboration combines Buro Happold’s data analytics and insights platform SmartViz with Microsoft Azure

Image Ideate Automation allowing Ramboll to perform previously fragmented automation tasks and increase its efficiency

Image Tridify recently launched a new BIM streaming service that uses Unreal Engine. Greg Corke caught up with the company’s CEO, Alexander Le Bell, to find out more

Image PreDesign helps assess how a site’s climate and environment might impact design

Image Designed to enable AEC firms to collaborate from anywhere - in the current Covid-19 world, and in the future

Image As part of Autodesk University, CEO Andrew Anagnost held a virtual briefing with members of the press over Zoom

Image We explore the impact the quadruped robot is having on the construction site, from laser scanning to setting out

Image From AI-based conceptual design and digital twins to the evolution of Construction Cloud and a new ‘open’ approach, there was plenty for AEC professionals to get their teeth into

Image The latest developments in BricsCAD BIM as it builds on its superpower of automation by recognising patterns and shapes.

Image As Bentley continues to bang the digital twins drum, it may be missing an opportunity to help optimise fragmented BIM workflows

Image This year’s major update to the suite of solutions for BIM, landscaping and stage set design

Image Keith Bentley, CTO of Bentley Systems, on why machine learning is so important to digital twins and why we’ve only just scratched the surface

Image The new cloud-based tool from Xinaps for organising model data, and validating, checking and generating reports

Image The NavVis M6 indoor mobile mapping system plays a key role in an adventurous scanning project to help bring an old brewery back to life

Image We talk with Nemetschek about its drive towards integrated digital workflows with SCIA and BIMplus.

Image New cloud-sharing feature automatically transfers files to participants prior to VR meeting

Image Technology continues to play a transformative role within the fabrication business of UK steel framed building specialist Wareing Buildings

Image In the case of the new 172m high Central Bank of Iraq, the futuristic setting devised by creative studio Arqui9 only increases the drama of its curving form

Image Full spectrum of visualisation, from real-time to photoreal rendering, now available in the popular push/pull modelling tool